This week and next week I am fortunate to have my nieces as guest bloggers recounting some of our adventures while they visited Paris.  Enjoy…

On Friday the 22nd of June My sister, my mother my ant, and I went on a bike tore around Versailles.  We went on an all day tour it started at 9:00am and ended at 5:30pm.  The first thing we did was go through the city to get to the market.  My mom, my siter, and I got creaps and food for our lunch.

After that we rode our bikes to the field were there was a hotel that was also a restaurant.  Richard, our tour guide, told us about Louie the 14th.  Then we kept going and he told us about Louie the 16th’s wife and what he did as king.  We did one or two more stops talking about him.  Then we started to talk about Louie the 15th and 16th.  We learned about Marie Antonette and her petit trianon.

When we got to the Petit trianon, the group went in for about 20 mineuts or so.  Then we biked down to the water and ate lunch in the grass.

A little while later we took our bikes back to the bike shop and started walking to the tenis court where the National assembly met.  When we were there we learned about a man named monsieur Geualteen.

Then we walked over to the palace and waited to go in.  We saw some really cool rooms when we were there and some pretty paintings.  I thought it was really cool in there.  We took a BRAKE because we were feeling tired.  (Ha Ha). When we were done taking a BRAKE we bought macroons and we each got two of them.  We sat in the garden and ate them.

After that we got on the bus and rode it back to were we started our tour.  At the end of the day I think we all had a WHEELY great time.  (Ha Ha).

The article and WHEELY great puns by Sarah Allder, age 11.