This is the second week of my nieces as guest bloggers recounting some of our adventures while they visited Paris.  Enjoy…

First off if you intend on going to the antique market plan on using the buddy system.  To quote my aunt, “its the sketchy part of town.”  However once you get past the people trying to see you iPhones and Chanel No. 5 you get to the market.  The market wasn’t as full of day drinkers and dogs as it typically is.  This was disappointing seeing as we came to pet dogs and people watch.

The first little shop we walked into was full of bowls and plates.  It also had a few little trinkets like pocket knives, tea cups and porcelain figurines.  We circled back to this place at the end of the day and got a bowl for my aunt and a pocket knife for my brother and porcelain figurines for my sister and me.

We then made our way to a jewelry booth.  Here we found rings, watches, pins etc…The pins definitly excited me and the rings excited my sister.  There was an eclectic bunch of pins.  The rings caught my eyes.  Sarah (my sister) then began to look at bedazzled snake rings.  It was unfortunately to large for her.  I then found a copper colored ring.  The “jewel” part of it was shaped like an oval and the ring part wasn’t quite a circle.  We then purchased the ring and continued our search.

We then went to my absoulte faviorte store at the entire market.  This store sold the most random assortment if goods.  Ranging from doll eyes to pins to patches for your clothing.  In the center of the store was a donkey.  The donkey had once been in a park in, I believe, Berlin.  The donkey was fabled to poop gold and used to do so while in the park.  In this incredible store I bought and accordion pin (sadly no doll eyes) and Sarah bought a patch that said “champion”.  Unfortunately I didn’t buy the anchor patch, or the champion patch, so now I am filled with regret.  My aunt though has no problem going back to the market, so soon the void in my life will be filled.

We concluded our day at the Ma Cocotte restaurant.  I would say the best part would be the incredible food, but it was the moving picture.  The picture slowly changed positions to where it was barley noticeable, but when we noticed it terrified my mom.  Besides that the restaurant served very good food and provided great service.  Overall the markets were great, despite the need for the buddy system.

Hannah Allder, 14