Happy New Year!  It’s real!  I am in Paris.  I don’t have a job to go to on January 2.  Huh, how about that?  I feel as though I am on vacation in the sense this escape will end in a week or so.  I wonder when it will sink in that I am here to stay?  For now, I’ll share about my first 48 hours…

I am camped out in a small studio I found on Airbnb in my neighborhood.  It seemed like the right spot to get acclimated to the 11th Arrondissement leading up to the start of my lease.

Courtyard view at the Airbnb

The apartment is internal.  I do not have a street view, but rather a “courtyard” view.  (I am being generous with that term.)  I have enjoyed listening to the rain pitter-pat on the roofs close to me and it’s a very quiet despite being in the middle of a bustling city.

I have been out and about on errands and some flânuerie.  (I specialize in flânuerie.)  I visited the street my apartment is on – it seemed like a whirlwind when I jumped over here in September to find a place.  I am pleasantly surprised by the street and the neighborhood.  I have terrific proximity to a number of conveniences I will use in the year ahead.

There is a lovely patisserie on the corner.  I was pleased that it was open on New Year’s Eve.  Much of Paris is closed on Sundays and even more so for the holiday.  This is a good working bakery and not a reseller store front.  I watched people streaming in and out of the shop with baguettes and treats for their 2018 celebration.

Just around the corner I found a wine shop.  I understand in Paris you get to know the local wine store and they know you.  I’m certain this will be among my first priorities.

One of the famous Parisian open-air markets is very close to me, Marche Richard Lenoir.  I strolled through the market and was captivated by its offerings.  It made me want to know how to blend ingredients, flavors and prepare food.  Perhaps this is my year?

Dates and figs

Fresh flowers


Mediterranean fruit

With all my flânuerie, it’s been rainy or overcast threatening rain so I am happy to have an umbrella with me.  I have quickly realized that umbrellas are an accessory in Paris; like a beautiful scarf or fancy pair of glasses.  Unfortunately, my umbrella game is not strong.  I am going to have to buy something much more fashionable than the corporate freebie umbrella I am currently toting.  I suspect that is not my only tell that I am not a Parisian.  I will follow-up with a post about the nuances of Parisian style – I believe I have a steep learning curve ahead.

Bonne année, friends!