It’s December and I am in the United States wrapping up work, packing my home and trying to get some details situated for a year abroad.  It’s hectic and then of course, it’s the holidays!  It’s hard for me to imagine January in Paris and the year ahead.  I know it will be wonderful, but I am in the classic frame of mind of feeling buried with “stuff”.

To brighten my spirits, I have been thinking of little explorations and adventures I want to take on in my first 90 days.  Some of these are personal challenges and others are things I have meant to do when in Paris, but they have escaped me.  Here is what I am looking forward to in the short term:

  • The holiday displays at Galeries Lafayette (worth the crowds)
  • Finding Shakespeare & Co. bookstore
  • Mint tea at la Grande Mosquée de Paris*
  • A walk to the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Trump once a week
  • Eating roasted chestnuts from the street vendors
  • A tour with Corey Frye of A French Frye in Paris
  • The Louvre (I am going to make it my second home in Paris)
  • Coffee at IBRIK Paris
  • The hunt to meet some of my favorite Paris podcasters and writers/bloggers

I am sure there are more activities I should jot down.   Send me your excursions ideas to divert me from the chaos of setting up life in a new city.  What would you do if you had some time in Paris?  Let me know!

Musèe du Louvre

*I will follow up with a post on la Mosquée de Paris.  I am intrigued by the Turkish baths, but I may need to work up my courage to take part in la Hammam (a public spa, steam, exfoliation and massage experience).   It could be a nice treat in the cold of winter or it could be one of those scary naked dreams that play out over and over again.  More to come.