A few posts ago, I highlighted the beautiful Sainte-Geneviève library.  I had joined two expats, Melissa and Kate, for a fantastic morning tour of the library.  Melissa and Kate are a team who have developed a blog called Our Paris Stories.  They have been highlighting expats from all over the world as Paris dreamers make their way to live in the city.  At the time of my blog post, I did not disclose details on my project with these ladies.  They had reached out to me for a feature of my own.  We used the Sainte-Geneviève library as a back drop for my photos.  What a fun morning!

It’s interesting because having a social media presence (big or small) exposes you.  For a private person, it’s a little disconcerting to reveal yourself to individuals you know or may not know.  Having a personal blog adds another layer to that equation.  I have been taking all of this in stride (so far) with the aim to be transparent.  I think there are people who question their happiness in their job or perhaps their career journeys.  I suspect there are also other travel dreamers with wanderlust and they think about living abroad too.  I love the idea that my blog might provide a path for these individuals or at least give them a weekly escape to Paris.

With all of that said, Melissa asked me to answer some questions to create the content for my Our Paris Stories blog post.  The questions made me formalize my thoughts and find a way to articulate them to an audience and city I really did not know.  It was a little uncomfortable.  It increased my feeling of exposure and vulnerability.  I am hoping these feelings are the personal growth process for me; maybe breaking out of my shell and embracing the unknown.

Our Paris Stories published my blog story this week!  You may have already seen it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  While there are a million things I would like to critique about my writing the post and my photos, I won’t.  This was a leap forward for me.  It was a challenge that made me think, question, and overcome my fears.  I am going to hold onto these good vibes.  Cheers to a new day!

Photo credits: OurParisStories